2019 IPS Fall Symposium

2019 IPS Fall Symposium
October 26, 2019
Ritz Charles Carmel
Registration now open



Sara Stramel Brewer, Executive Director
Email Sara
Mail: P.O. Box 30413
Indianapolis, IN 46230-0413
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Learn About the DSM-5 From the Only Trained Physicians in Indiana!

The APA’s extensive development process of the fifth edition of the DSM was unveiled with the release of the DSM-5 in May 2013. The release of the manual requires that mental health experts become familiar with DSM-5, with an understanding of the changes from DSM-IV, and the scientific reasons for those changes.

Saturday, September 21, IPS will host, “DSM-5: What You Need to Know!”.  This event will be the only event in Indiana led by physicians trained by the editors of the DSM-5! Accredited for 5.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits (5.5 CE), the event will highlight the many changes and the rationale behind them explained, including the reorganization of the chapters (the "metastructure"), the creation of new diagnoses and categories, the consolidation of some diagnoses, and the deletion of others. The demise of the multiaxial diagnosis will be reviewed. The changes include an emphasis on dimensional ratings, gender, and cultural issues. Controversies accompanying the DSM-5 will be explored. Following the event, attendees will be ready to begin using DSM-5 in clinical practice, research settings, and for administrative purposes.

This symposium will be conducted using slides and handouts developed by the editors of DSM-5 and made available only to APA-trained psychiatrists who have agreed to serve as the speakers in their respective states.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 ---- JW Marriott ~ Indianapolis ---- 8:30am - 3:00pm

5.5 CME ~ 5.5 CEU

Registration fee includes credits, flash drive, complimentary continental breakfast and lunch.

To register for the fall symposium, click here.

To review the brochure, click here.

To download a registration form, click here.

Early bird discounts available until July 14.

To sponsor or exhibit at this event, email Sara.  Spaces filling quickly.

A special thank you to PRMS and Sunovion for their support of this event!

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own copy of DSM-5.  To purchase your copy, click here or here.

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    Learn About the DSM-5 From the Only Trained Physicians in Indiana! - News & Events - Indiana Psychiatric Society
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