2019 IPS Fall Symposium

2019 IPS Fall Symposium
October 26, 2019
Ritz Charles Carmel
Registration now open



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APAPAC Reception at Spring Conference Successful

The 2013 Regional Integrative Mental Health Conference included a Saturday evening APA PAC reception with Congressman Brett Guthrie.  Representative Guthrie, of the second district in Kentucky, spent an hour speaking with Kentucky and Indiana psychiatric society members regarding federal issues of interest to physicians.

IPS member Dr. John Wernert, Congressman Guthrie, and Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association members Dr. David Walker and Dr. Mary Helen Davis at the April 13th event

Congressman Brett Guthrie and APA PAC Chairman and IPS member, Dr. John Wernert at the April 13th event


APA & You - Together We Can Stop CPT Coding & Parity Abuses


CPT code changes were intended to more accurately reflect the work psychiatrists do and improve patient access to care, but instead have been used as an excuse by some payors to discriminate against psychiatric patients and their psychiatrists in violation of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (2008).  The issues differ from state to state and from carrier to carrier. The APA Board of Trustees has committed significant APA resources, both financial and staff, to understand the situation and use all reasonable means, including litigation, to correct the abuses taking place.
APA staff and attorneys have already begun implementation of a solid plan of action to combat this abuse.  However, you, the psychiatrists who contract with the payors, have the specific information we need to cause a change.  The situation cannot be improved unless every one of you helps
Click here and help us help you and your patients.
All members should register their complaints EITHER by completing this short online complaint form OR by emailing details via the APA’s dedicated email address cptparityabuses@psych.org.




IPS Participates in Area Meeting

Five members of the Indiana Psychiatric Society joined fellow psychiatrists from Area IV in Chicago March 2-3 for meetings and commaraderie.  Pictured below include IPS members Drs. Chris Bojrab, Brian Hart, Heather Fretwell, John Wernert, and Semyon Faynboym.  They are joined by Congressman Bill Foster (IL) (3rd from right).


Early Bird Deadline Nears for 14.0 CME/CEU Conference

With the start of the new year, the early bird deadline for the 4th annual Regional Integrative Mental Health Conference at the fabulous West Baden Springs Hotel nears.  Registrants have until Friday, Jan. 18 to secure the lowest rate for this conference, expected to sell out for a second consecutive year.  

Event staff have pulled together a expert team of national-level speakers to cover a variety of topics; all with a tie to integrated medicine.  Speakers include:

IU Associate Dean for Translational Research, Dr. Anantha Shekhar, will speak on treatment resistant anxiety.



CPT coding expert, Dr. Ron Burd, will respond to questions and concerns regarding the Jan. 1st implementation of CPT coding changes. 

Healthcare legislation, ACOs, and financing will be addressed by APA staff member Karen Sanders as well as Kelly Clark, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Behavioral Health Group (left).



Therapeutics in Schizophrenia will be reviewed by IU Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Dr. Alexander Radnovich.

To see a complete listing, click here.

New for 2013; two tracks of programming will be offered Saturday afternoon, one with an emphasis on clinical practice and the other with an emphasis on the business of medicine.

Registrations, exhibitors, and sponsors are quickly filling the expanded space.  IPS strongly encourages those interested in participating in this event April 12-14, 2013 to sign up immediately.  Online registration may be completed by clicking here.  For those interested in sponsorship or exhibit packages, please see the corporate prospectus or complete and return the exhibitor/sponsor application.

All persons interested in attending are encouraged to make room reservations immediately due to an expected sell out.  Hotel information may be found here.

Contact Sara with questions.


APA Reiterates Stringent Rules on Accepting Pharma Support

Monday, December 31, 2012 - APA today is reiterating the extraordinary measures it has taken to ensure that APA's DSM-5 and practice guidelines are free from industry-influenced bias. 

In an official APA statement DSM-5 Task Force Chair David Kupfer, M.D., emphasized that as a precondition to appointment to work on DSM-5, all task force and work group members were required to disclose any industry interests or potentially conflicting relationships and must have pledged to abide by rules limiting their involvement with pharmaceutical firms or other industry groups. 

The APA statement came in response to a December 26 article in the Washington Post examining pharmaceutical industry influence on decisions regarding DSM-5, especially a decision to remove the so-called “grief exclusion” from criteria for a diagnosis of major depression. The Post article alleged that the decision was influenced by ties to the pharmaceutical industry by some DSM-5 contributors and that the industry will reap a a large financial windfall as a result of the change in diagnostic criteria. 

In  his statement, Kupfer strongly disagreed and emphasized the following crucial steps APA has taken to safeguard DSM-5 decision making from industry influence:   

  • All DSM-5 Task Force and work group members agreed that starting in 2007 and continuing for the duration of their work on DSM-5, their total annual income derived from industry sources (excluding unrestricted research grants) would not exceed $10,000 in any calendar year. 
  • Participants agreed not to hold stock or shares valued at more than $50,000 in any pharmaceutical or device company.
  • All work group and task force members agreed to serve in a volunteer capacity without compensation for their efforts on DSM-5.
  • Participants' disclosures have been updated annually and have been actively monitored during the duration of work on DSM-5.

Similar steps have been taken to ensure that APA's practice guidelines are free of industry influence. 

With regard to the removal of the grief exclusion from DSM-5, Kupfer said the decision was guided by research demonstrating that major depression and normal grief are significantly different from each other. And he noted that the new criteria emphasize the need for clinicians to differentiate between normal grieving associated with a significant loss and a diagnosis of a mental disorder. “[I]t is important to realize that DSM-5 includes material to make sure that it is understood that sadness, grief, and bereavement are not things that have a time limitation to them or go away within 2 or 3 months,” Kupfer said in the statement. "These feelings and emotions can persist a year and perhaps beyond. We need to more clearly understand the differences between sadness and grief and those conditions that require intervention." 

DSM-5 will be published in May.


APA Responds to NRA Comments

ARLINGTON, Va. (December 23, 2012) — The American Psychiatric Association expressed disappointment today in the comments from Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association both Friday and today conveying the NRA’s response to last week’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.
The association objected to LaPierre’s assumption that horrendous crimes such as the one committed by shooter Adam Lanza are commonly perpetrated by persons with mental illness. In addition, he conflated mental illness with evil at several points in his talk and suggested that those who commit heinous gun crimes are “so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend them,” a description that leads to the further stigmatization of people with mental illnesses.
The APA notes that people with mental illnesses are rarely violent and that they are far more likely to be the victims of crimes than the perpetrators. “Only four to five percent of violent crimes are committed by people with mental illness,” said the APA’s president, Dilip Jeste, M.D. “About one quarter of all Americans have a mental disorder in any given year, and only a very small percentage of them will ever commit violent crimes,” he added. "On today's Meet the Press, Mr. LaPierre used the word ‘lunatic’ as a catch phrase for those who commit violent crimes. Such language is not only offensive, it further contributes to the idea that violent crimes are necessarily committed by people with mental disorders."
The APA’s CEO, James H. Scully, M.D., noted that contrary to LaPierre’s remarks, “The idea that mental illness and evil are one and the same thing is simply a relic of the past and has no place in our public dialogue. People who are clearly not mentally ill commit violent crimes and perform terrible acts every day. Unfortunately, Mr. LaPierre’s statements serve only to increase the stigma around mental illness and further the misconception that those with mental disorders are likely to be dangerous.”


Event in Carmel for Congressman

Dr. John Wernert, Speaker ISMA House of Delegates (center) represented IPS at an event in honor of Congressman Larry Buschon, MD (IN-9) (left) who is seeking a second term in the US House of Representatives. Also in attendance was Congressman Tom Price, MD of Georgia (right). The event was held in Carmel September 17th.


IPS Members Participate in ISMA Annual Convention

More than 11 members of the Indiana Psychiatric Society were counted among attendees of the 172nd Annual Indiana State Medical Association Convention at the JW Marriott Indianapolis September 14-16, 2012. IPS would like to congratulate member, Dr. John Wernert, III as he was re-elected to his position of Speaker of the House of Delegates.

IPS Executive Director Sara Stramel and IPS members Dr. Semyon Faynboym and Dr. Chris Bojrab enjoy the ISMA Afterglow Reception Friday, September 12.


IPS Program "Relevant" and "Cutting Edge"

Described as "relevant" and "cutting edge", IPS offered a 5.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit hour symposium for more than 75 psychiatrists, physicians of other specialties, nurses, and other medical professionals Saturday, September 15 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. An exploration of the crisis brewing with prescription drug abuse among college students was reviewed by speakers Kelly Blankenship, DO; Jayanthi Peters, MD; David Cash, JD, LLM; and Aaron Whiteman, DO.

IPS was pleased to host this event in conjunction with the Indiana State Medical Association's Annual Convention.

Please save the date for IPS' next accredited event: the 2013 Regional Integrative Mental Health Conference at the West Baden Springs Resort April 12-14.



IPS Fall Symposium Explores Prescription Drug Abuse in Accredited Program

The proliferation of prescription drug abuse among college-aged students is a frightening trend spreading across campuses nationwide.  Statistics reported by SAMHSA estimate nearly one in four college students has illegally used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes.  As these young adults grow and transition into “the real world” these “harmless” tendencies can develop into full blown addictions causing significant functional issues and exacerbating other psychiatric morbidities. 

Seeing that medical professionals could use assistance in preventing, diagnosing and treating such issues, IPS is sponsoring a program this Saturday, September 15 to provide necessary resources.

Registration is now closed. Onsite registration available for $25 above highest rate.  Visit us at JW Marriott Grand Ballroom IV on the 3rd floor between 7:45 and 8:30am Saturday, September 15.


IPS Participates in Area IV Meeting with AMA President, Lazarus

Three members and the executive director of the Indiana Psychiatric Society participated in regional meetings of the APA in Milwaukee August 25 and 26, 2012.  The Area IV meeting, representing 11 states in the greater Midwestern area, gathers psychiatrists and residents for discussion on issues pertinent to mental health.  The weekend's meeting was highlighted by a visit and conversation with Dr. Jeremy Lazaurs, current president of the American Medical Association and a private practice psychiatrist.

Left to right: Drs. Jeremy Lazarus, Bhasker Dave, Bob Batterson, Dan Anzia, Mindy Young, Scott Benson and APA Department of Government Affairs Director, Nick Meyers  IPS members Drs. Semyon Faynboym (third from left) and Heather Fretwell (far right) join Wisconsin and Ohio early career psychiatrists and residents for Area IV meetings.


IPS Announces Registration Open for Fall Symposium -- Prescribing Controlled Medications for a Risky Population - When to Say YES!

The American Psychiatric Association in joint sponsorship with the Indiana Psychiatric Society invites you to participate in this 2012 event held in conjunction with the 163rd Indiana State Medical Association’s Annual Convention at the new JW Marriott in Indianapolis Saturday, September 15.

While college campuses have long faced challenges of alcohol abuse and binge drinking, a new phenomenon is taking hold. The proliferation of prescription drug abuse among college-aged students is a frightening trend spreading across campuses nationwide. Statistics reported by SAMHSA estimate nearly one in four college students has illegally used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. As these young adults grow and transition into “the real world” these “harmless” tendencies can develop into full blown addictions causing significant functional issues and exacerbating other psychiatric morbidities.

This symposium, accredited for 5.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits, will explore college mental health, the increasing abuse of prescription drugs, and opiate use disorder. We will also explore adolescent versus adult ADHD, understanding when medications are appropriate. Our day will wrap up with a look at those drugs most likely to be diverted.

Speakers will present a balanced program of lectures and case scenarios to improve your understanding of these issues. Join us!

To view the brochure, click here.

To register online, click here.

To download a registration form to mail or fax in your registration, click here.

Discounted rates for early registration apply.

Discounted hotel room rates available until August 15 or room block is full. See the event brochure for additional information.


2012 Tri-State Integrative Mental Health Conference

IPS and its partners, the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association and the Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association would like to thank the registrants, faculty, sponsors, exhibitors and guests that attended the 2012 Tri-State Integrative Mental Health Conference. The event sold out with more than 100 registrants and 17 exhibitors and sponsors. Please save the date for our 2013 event, April 12-14 at the West Baden Springs Hotel. Additional details to follow. 


Indiana Medicaid and Prior Authorization

Submitted by: George Parker, MD

Indiana Medicaid and its contractors use a set of prior authorization criteria to ensure safe and effective use of psychiatric medications.

These criteria, which apply to the use of antipsychotic, antidepressant and medications, were developed by the Mental Health Quality Advisory Committee. This committee is composed of representatives from Indiana Medicaid, the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, and Mental Health America, along with a community psychiatrist and three pharmacists, one of whom is a Pharm.D. who is expert in mental health medications. The prior authorization criteria are public documents and are maintained on an accessible website: www.indianapbm.com/automatedrxpa.htm.


Another eFOCUS CME Survey Ready for You

Take APA's Clinical eFOCUS survey on alcohol dependence. Clinical eFOCUS is a continuation of the FOCUS program of lifelong learning and is approved by the ABPN as a self-assessment activity for 2 AMA PRA Category 1 credits. The survey provides an opportunity for you to share your opinion, see how others approach the same case, and learn more about patient management of alcohol dependence. Given your knowledge of alcohol dependence and the points made in the vignette, which treatment approach would you choose? Indicate your choice by clicking on the survey and then the voting buttons. Visit www.psych.org to learn more.


DSM-5 Online

Information on the development of the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is available at www.dsm5.org. The site includes the latest draft criteria for diagnoses which are currently being tested in the field. Publication of the DSM-5 is scheduled for May 2013. See the latest APA Update on the Status of DSM-5.


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